For reviewers

REVIEW FORM (english-lithuanian)


  1. A paper submitted to the Lithuanian Journal of Statistics is given to no less than two anonymous referees. If the language of the paper is English, then no less than one of the referees is from a country other than Lithuania.
  2. The referee fills in the review form, makes comments and suggestions for further work on the paper.
  3. All the reviews are sent to the authors of the paper, who make the required improvements and write an answer to each of the referees, presenting answers to each of the comments and informing about all the changes made to the paper.
  4. The improved paper and a letter with an answer are sent to the referee, who then makes the final evaluation of the paper.
  5. Based on the evaluation of the referees, the editorial board makes the final decision concerning the publication of the paper in the Lithuanian Journal of Statistics. The main criteria for publication: originality of the paper and correctness of the results.


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