Journal History

ISSN 1392-642X print
ISSN 2029-7262 online


Statistics Lithuania started to publish a journal

„Lietuvos TSR valstybinio statistikos komiteto darbai“

Editor in Chief and language editor Rimvydas Ignatavičius


  • reports on economic development of Lithuania by the heads of divisions
  • problems discussed in the meetings of the institution
  • the latest statistical information

4 issues per year


Change of title: „Statistikos departamento darbai“


Lithuanian Statistical Association has been founded

Journal becomes the common  periodical of Statistics Lithuania and Lithuanian Statistical Association

Change of title “Lithuanian statistics: articles, reports and studies” („Lietuvos statistikos darbai“)

Number of issues is slowly decreasing to 2 issues and and 1 issue per year

Authors of the publications are often teachers of the dept. of Statistics of Vilnius University

A cycle pof publications by prof. Stanislovas Martišius on famous Lithuanian interwar statisticians, economists and development of economic ideas in Lithuania



The ISSN number is provided for the journal


80 years anniversary of Statistics Lithuania

The collection of papers under title „Statistics of Lithuania during XX century“ published in the journal.

Papers of S. Martišius constitute the largest part of publications


The scholarly position has been started to try for the journal

Editor in Chief S. Martišius

Executive Secretary R.Ignatavičius

Papers started to be reviewed


The journal included into the list of scientific periodicals of Lithuania by the Wrublevski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

Papers are published in Lithuanian, abstracts are in English

The journal is on the internet home page of Statistics Lithuania


90 years anniversary of Statistics Lithuania

The 48th issue of the journal is prepared for this date

The collection of survey papers is published, in which beginning, evolution and present of various branches of official statistics is overviewed



The World statistics day is being celebrated first time

The 49th issue of the journal is dedicated for this date

The achievements of Statistics Lithuania are presented in the introductory paper of

Editor in Chief Danutė Krapavickaitė

Deputy of Editor in Chief Alfredas Račkauskas



Lithuanian Statistical Association enters The Association of Lithuanian Serials

„Lithuanian Journal of Statistics“ included into the „Directory of Lithuanian Serials 2011“, which is presented at the Vilnius book fair

The internet home page is being created for the journal, the preparations are going for the internet publication of the journal



Editor in Chief Aleksandras Plikusas

2nd Deputy of Editor in Chief Marijus Radavičius

Lithuanian Journal of Statistics ISSN 1392-642X, eISSN 2029-7262
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